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Dental crowns are commonly used to restore the enamel of a tooth that has been compromised by a large, untreated cavity or a fracture. Crowns are created from materials that can withstand the rigors of chewing food each day.

Yet, there are times when a trauma or household accident can chip or fracture a crown.

In a situation like this, you should call us at 803-785-9991 to seek professional care from one of our dentists at White Knoll Comprehensive Dentistry. The longer you delay, the more likely you are to experience significant complications.

If the crown was damaged but the internal abutment is still healthy and strong, the doctor might be able to fit you for a new crown. This will require another impression of your teeth and preparation at a dental lab.

If the crown’s adhesive was compromised from bacteria related to gum disease, there should be some overt signs. You should see the abutment sticking out from your gums and the crown itself should be completely hollow. If this is the case Dr. Downing might be able to simply clean the crown and abutment before cementing it back in place.

If the abutment broken off at the gumline or has been otherwise damaged, you should see some or all of it inside the dental crown. To treat a tooth in this condition the dentists will likely need to perform a root canal.

If you are in the Lexington, South Carolina, area and you have a damaged or distressed crown, you should not delay in calling 803-785-9991 to seek care at White Knoll Comprehensive Dentistry.

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