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If you have a tooth which has sustained a crack or chips in the enamel, or you have sensitive teeth, you may benefit from dental bonding. Even an irregularly shaped tooth can benefit from dental bonding, a dental restoration which is used to restore teeth with minor damage. At White Knoll Comprehensive Dentistry in Lexington, South Carolina, we are pleased to offer dental bonding restoration to restore your natural teeth. This dental treatment can also treat tooth decay and even close gaps between the teeth.

When repairing a minor tooth issue with dental bonding, our dentists apply a tooth-colored composite material to the tooth and then hardens the material using a special light. The resin material used is shaped and sculpted to give your tooth an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting restoration.

After a dental bonding treatment, your tooth will be restored to its normal function. It will also be strengthened in the process. It blends in with your smile as the bonding resin is matched to your tooth’s color and shading. If you prefer a lighter shade, that can be done as well. This procedure is also timely, and it generally takes only one visit to our office. The treatment itself is comfortable and painless.

If you would like to know more about dental bonding for your smile, please give our team a call at 803-785-9991 and schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. Dr. Paul Downing looks forward to helping you create a beautiful smile in Lexington, South Carolina!

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