At White Knoll Comprehensive Dentistry, one of the most common restorations we offer is a dental filling. Frequently, we will utilize a filling to repair tooth decay, such as cavities. Unfortunately, cavities often cannot be detected by X-ray when they are in their earliest stage, and they can be missed by probes as well because the cavity is frequently in an area that cannot be reached. Furthermore, these cavities are often invisible to the naked eye.

To help counteract these difficulties, Dr. Paul R. Downing, DMD is pleased to offer laser diagnostics to our patients. Utilizing a specialized laser beam, our team is able to identify cavities in their early stages. With this knowledge, we can create a treatment plan that can prevent the need for more extensive treatments. This diagnostic technology can also be used to fight or even prevent periodontal disease (gum disease). With the use of this specialized laser, our team will be able to better identify deposits of the harmful plaque and tartar that can ultimately result in gum disease.

If you would like more information how our dentists can use laser diagnostics in Lexington, South Carolina, to benefit your smile, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you have the healthy, strong smile you have always deserved!